Should I buy an electric car?

Posted: 22nd November 2021

As specialists in EV charger installation in Plymouth, one question we often receive here at Care Projects is the availability of public charging points for electric vehicles.

At the end of last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030. Although this ban doesn’t include the sale of some hybrid vehicles or the resale of used petrol and diesel cars, the looming deadline means your decision to switch over has never been more urgent.

In the last few years, the electric vehicle industry has made strides in technological advancements and accessibility. The Prime Minister’s deadline doesn’t spell an immediate end to the traditional car. However, you may already be considering making the switch to an electric car.

In anticipation of the Prime Minister’s ban, councils and petrol stations alike across the UK are already working to install more charging points. EV charger installation is also available for private properties.

Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

Public EV charging points are increasing by the day. Many supermarkets, restaurants and public parking areas are choosing to install more charging points as demand grows. For a full list, we suggest you have a look at Zapmap. The app lists thousands of public charging points available for your electric vehicle across the UK.

In England, a driver is never further than 25 miles away from a rapid charge point along any motorway or A-road. In fact, when the Prime Minister made his announcement last November there were at least 20,000 public charging points throughout the UK. Boris Johnson also pledged a further investment of £1.3 billion to increase the amount of charging points in streets and motorways across the UK, as well as in private homes.

Improving public charging infrastructure

Many electric vehicle owners charge at home, opting for EV charger installation on their private properties. Charging at home has its perks. However, for those of us who have only recently purchased an electric vehicle, charging publicly may be a more viable option.

To keep up with demand, many petrol stations have already started installing charging points in easily accessible forecourts. EV charger installation is set to increase dramatically in the next few years. In fact, Tesco committed to installing 2,400 charging bays across their 600 locations back in 2018. As of September 2021, charging points have already been installed at over 400 of their locations across the UK.

Should I buy an electric car?

The reign of petrol and diesel vehicles is coming to an end. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to switch over to an electric car. Only a few years ago, electric cars weren’t considered a viable option for many people. Fortunately, in recent years, technology within the EV sector has made great strides. These days, more and more people are turning to electric vehicles.

Despite higher upfront costs, electric vehicles are cheaper to run and better for the environment. Electric vehicles are especially useful if you live in a city. Short journeys around town are made easier by public charging points and no additional fuel costs. An element of planning will be required for longer journeys. However, it’s now easier than ever to take your electric vehicle on a lengthy, cross-country road trip with public charging points never more than 25 miles away.

With the UK ban on traditional vehicles less than a decade away, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

EV Charger Installation Plymouth with Care Projects

At Care Projects, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, professional EV charger installation for both residential and commercial properties alike. Located in bustling Plymouth, our talented team of specialist electricians boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Collectively we have decades of experience working in the electrical industry.

If you have any questions about a charging point for your electric vehicle or are ready to book your installation, then please contact the team at Care Projects today.

How much does the installation of an at-home charger cost?

The cost of your at-home EV charger installation will depend on the specifications of your vehicle and property.

EV Charger Installation Plymouth

For an accurate quote, it’s best to contact the team at Care Projects. Our team are specialists in EV charger installation, offering honest, transparent advice on your setup. We can advise you on the best course of action depending on the unique specifications of yourself, your vehicle and your property.

How much does it cost to run an electric vehicle?

Although the upfront costs may be alarming compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, studies have shown the cost of running an electric vehicle at about 3 – 6 pence per mile. Compared to the costs of running a petrol or diesel vehicle, an electric car is very economical.

Can I afford an electric vehicle?

The running costs of an electric vehicle are significantly cheaper than traditional petrol or diesel cars. However, the initial upfront costs can be alarming for some when you take into account the vehicle itself as well as the installation of an EV charging point on your property.

Luckily in the UK, there are a number of incentives and grants available to the public.

The plug-in car grant

The plug-in car grant is available through dealerships and EV manufacturers. A government-led scheme, it pays 35% of a low-emission vehicle up to the price of £3,000.

Electric vehicle home charge scheme

The electric vehicle home charge scheme will pay 75% up to £350 towards the cost of your very own home charge point including the installation. To qualify for this scheme, you may own, lease or have ordered an eligible vehicle and have off-street parking available.

To find a local electrician qualified to do this installation, try searching EV charger installation with your current location. A property owner living in Devon might search for ‘EV Charger Installation Plymouth’ or ‘EV changer Installation Devon’ for example.

Workplace charger grant

This voucher-based initiative helps businesses, charities and public sector organisations with the cost of purchasing and installing a charge point for electric vehicles. Successful applicants to the workplace charger grant can receive up to £350.

Can I run my charging cables across the footpath?

40% of private households in England and Wales do not have access to off-street parking. This statistic poses issues when you consider the push for electric vehicles and the need for EV charging points. Many owners of electric vehicles, present and future, will have to charge their cars with cables left lying across public footpaths. Although there is currently no legislation around this problem, the team at Care Projects do suggest purchasing a raised cable protector to minimise the risk of injuring others.

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